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Moxly - Mobile app builder

Moxly - Mobile app builder

Major changes from version 1

In version 2, the canvas and all its components have been updated for quick drag and drop and application creation.

Added the ability to use animation in the component settings.

Improved code editor, added custom CSS fields.

The project roadmap has been updated. 

What isWhat is Moxly

Moxly is a low-code and no-code builder for developing native mobile applications. You can use our simple drag and drop interface to build your app 10x faster than traditional development.

System Requirements

Moxly is a web app that can be used from your browser. Please review these system requirements for the best experience:

  • Building on any laptop or desktop is currently supported.

  • Using a screen that is at least 1280 x 1084 is recommended.

  • Moxly works best on Google Chrome (if you are experiencing any issues, we recommend switching to Chrome).

  • Allow pop-up and redirects and ClipBoard from